Lucky Man Films was founded by director /producer David Ondříček in 1999. We are a production and creative company where talent comes first. Our top priority is creating high-quality and original projects for film, advertising and television.

The feature films we have created include the cult film Loners (Samotáři), One Hand Can’t Clap (Jedna ruka netleská), Grandhotel, the award-winning In the Shadow (Ve stínu) and Lost in Munich (Ztraceni v Mnichově) by Petr Zelenka.

In the commercial arena we collaborate with a number of major directors such as Jan Hřebejk, Alice Nellis, Jan Vejnar etc. We support young directing talents and try to contribute to the development of their careers. The newest movie is the international project Anthropoid by director Sean Ellis.


We have shot over 200 TV commercials for clients that have included Ahold, Carsberg, Danone, Vodafone, T-Mobile, Nestlé, Société Générale, Panasonic, Škoda Auto, Unice, Amnesty International, and many others.

We are now planning other projects, including the feature film Zátopek, which is now in postproduction and will enter cinemas in summer 2021.