Deník Dity P. I

The original cooking show, which depicts reality: How lives and cooks Dita Pecháčková – former “single girl next door” that is now married and suddenly everything is different. Or more or less as it should be. Her unspoken motto is: How is a family made. Obviously in the kitchen. This is excatly what you can expect. She and producer and director David Ondříček and Jiří Volek tasted, celebrated, invented. They were together. It is visible from the result. (




DIRECTOR David Ondříček, Jiří Volek

WRITORS Marcela Pecháčková

CAST Dita Pecháčková, Emma Pecháčková, Honza Pecháček, Petra Nesvačilová, Jakub Žáček


Dita Pecháčková

Emma Pecháčková

Honza Pecháček

Petra Nesvačilová

Jakub Žáček

Marek Prchal

and others

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