“Like clouds, people never know when they will come together or separate, and like clouds they are also driven by some external force …”


Vlasta Fleischman, an amateur meteorologist, works as a handyman at the Grandhotel, a modernist spire of an establishment, perched above the small city of Liberec.  Vlasta wants to get as close to the skies as he can and begins sewing together a hot air balloon.  With it, he will escape from his present life. But then, Ilja, a quiet chambermaid, starts working at the hotel and Vlasta finds his thoughts falling back to earth because that’s where his heart beats.



100 minutes / 35mm / Cinemascope / Dolby Digital


REŽIE David Ondříček

WRITERS Marek Epstein, Pavel Jech, Jaroslav Rudiš

PRODUCERS David Ondříček, Kryštof Mucha

CAST Marek Taclík, Klara Issová, Jaromír Dulava, Jaroslav Plesl

AWARDS 3 awards & 7 nominations


Marek Taclik

Klara Issova

Jaromir Dulava

Jaroslav Plesl

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