Lost in Munich

It is 2014 and Sir “P,” A 90-year-old talking grey parrot that once belonged to Edouard Daladier, finds himself in Prague at the invitation of the director of the French Cultural Institute as a living relic of the time of the Munich Agreement.  The Czech side organizes a rather absurd press conference at which the “gentleman” does indeed repeat certain key statements ascribed to his erstwhile owner. Under dramatic circumstances the parrot is kidnapped by Pavel, a Czech journalist, and his controversial statements on Edouard Daladier cause something of an accidental political scandal.  Against the background of these events we follow Pavel’s struggle to deal with a mid-life crises, leaving his job and wife, while bonding with the feathered media star. But that’s just half the story!In the second part, conceived as a “behind the scenes” film, we see that it was all a difficult Czech and French co-production project that kept running up against problems from the get-go.



105 minutes / 35mm / 1:1.85 / Dolby Digital


DIRECTOR Petr Zelenka

WRITER Petr Zelenka

PRODUCER David Ondříček

CAST Martin Myšička, Tomáš Bambušek, Vladimír Škultéty, Jana Plodková, Marek Taclík, Jitka Schneiderová

AWARDS 6 cen & 14 nominací / 6 awards & 14 nominations


Martin Myšička

Tomáš Bambušek

Vladimír Škultéty

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