The story of a large, seemingly model family that is shaken by the sudden separation of its parents at retirement age. They decide to find themselves in their old age, but before that they have to find a new, separate place to live, and so they “temporarily” travel around the families of their four children. The complicated, often absurd and touching, sometimes emotionally complex lives of the young families form a mosaic of intergenerational relationships that gradually reveals what a rich organism a family is.



2024 | 1 serie | 16 episodes


Alice Nellis


Daria Špačková

David Ondříček

Michal Reitler (TV Nova, voyo)


Karel Heřmánek

Taťjana Medvecká

David Máj

Martha Issová

Kristýna Ryška

Marek Adamczyk

Jan Nedbal

Tomáš Drápela

Eva Podzimková

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